Fisher-Price Recall

Fisher-Price has issued a recall on more than 10 million toys and childrens products because of safety concerns. Some of the products have parts that stick out and can cause injury if a child falls on it. Other products have small parts that can come loose and cause a choking hazard. Fisher-Price has issued a recall and is offering repairs or replacements for the affected products. You can find a complete list of the recalled items on the CPSC website.

Here is the news report from ABC news:

You have to hand it to companies like Fisher-Price who stand behind their products and are willing to make things right for consumers. This company has always made wonderful toys and childrens products that parents and kids alike love. When it comes to baby products, Fisher-Price is a name that is equated with quality and durability.

Fisher-Price toys are in a class by themselves! Remember the old Little People that we used to play with? There are a lot of fond memories with the Barn, School House, and Little People Garage. When there was a problem with the original Little People, Fisher-Price did a complete reworking of the brand. You can still find the same adorable faces on the new Little People, but they are now larger so they are easier for little hands to grip, and too big for little mouths!

Yes, there is a recall on many Fisher-Price products but as a whole this is a great company that makes superb products!

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